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Is Texting Becoming Extinct?

If you do not own a smart phone or have no alternative communication to texting, there is no immediate need to fear just yet. Texting is likely not going anywhere fast, despite the billions of dollars phone companies missed out on last year.

It has been reported that phone companies missed out on a tremendous amount in text message revenues adding up to $13.9 billion just last year. Tech-savvy consumers are now using alternative, free communication options such as Blackberry Messenger and Facebook Mobile Messenger applications. Some are predicting a huge loss unless phone companies take action and create something before they lose out all together.

Of course, nothing drastic is going to happen overnight. About 75% of all the cell phone users in the world still use good, old-fashioned text messaging. And before you start to worry that your phone provider is going to go out of business because of the money loss, take into consideration all the money brought in because of the fees customers pay due to going over their plan limits. These fees more than make up for the revenue loss.

Do you think you will ever cancel your text message plan? Are you already following the trend of using alternatives to text messaging?

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